“Grannies Respond,” the national caravan of grandmothers and other advocates that are traveling from states all over the country to the southern border in support of separated migrant children and in protest of the Trump administration barbaric “zero tolerance” policy, are nearing their destination.

“We’re on our way to McAllen on the Texas border,” said Maine Interfaith Chaplain and Expressive Therapist Kali Bird Isis, “to go protest the horribly, terribly disturbing policies of the Trump Administration separating children from families, and detaining families in an inhumane condition.”

In blatant violation of Judge Dana Sabraw’s order, around 500 kidnapped migrant children have not yet been reunited with their families because this unfit administration has deemed their parents “ineligible” to get their own kids back. But in hundreds of cases, these parents are “ineligible” because they’ve been deported. In absence of reunification, these children remain under U.S. custody in child detention facilities, oftentimes in abusive and deplorable conditions.

The grandmothers want them free. “This is not new in America, there’s many people from my community who are the descendants of children who were separated from their families forever,” said Rafiah Jones, a grandma from Washington D.C. “From the country they were taken from, from the auction block they were sold on.”

During the past weekend, members of “Grannies Respond” stopped in Alabama and Louisiana, before continuing on their journey. In Montgomery, “Michelle Clifton of New York said border separations were a moral and human rights issue that she could not ignore. Asked in June whether she would be willing to travel across the country, Clifton, the oldest traveler that started in the Hudson Valley of New York, said she didn’t hesitate to join the cause.”

The grandmothers are bringing supplies and other items, but, just as importantly, love. ”They need to be comforted,” said one grandmother. “This is a traumatic experience.” Members of “Grannies Respond” should be arriving in Texas sometime Monday afternoon.

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