Opening in the early June, Cau Vang (means: Golden Bridge) is becoming one of the best tourist attractions of Ba Na Hills in Da Nang and this is the latest in a line of weird and wonderful structures around the world. It is located in the Thien Thai garden with views across the huge green mountainscape.

Why is Golden Bridge the must-visit site in Danang City?

You are easy to realize the Golden Bridge, in the midst of the Truong Son forest, this bridge stands out in yellow. Noteworthy, the Golden Bridge is supported by the enormous gray hands, so it creates the unique beautiful scenery of Ba Na Hills. With 150 m in length, 8 spans and 1400 m above the sea level, the bridge is the best place for you to get the surprised pictures.

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Moreover, the Golden Bridge is designed by TA Landscape Architecture and constructed just under one year, that bring the new experiences for both overseas and domestic visitors. It is obvious that you will have the best feeling when standing here, escape the bustling and hustling of the dynamic city. During the walkway, you can see purple chrysanthemums are planted in order to make the highlight of the bridge.

How to reach Golden Bridge?

The bridge is one of the parts of Ba Na Hills resort – where is the mountaintop resort complex that looks like a medieval castle, but inside these stone walls are modern accommodations, world-class restaurants and a Fantasy Park full of exciting rides. This place was a favorite holiday location for the ruling French authorities in the early 20th century because of the peaceful and fresh atmosphere.

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You will reach here by cable car with 5.8 km in length – this is once the world’s longest and highest, it will take you about 20 minutes to get there from the foot to the Garden at the top of the mountain. On the way, you will be admired with the specular landscape of the mountainous area; but sometimes, you will limit visibility because of the thick mist.

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On the top of the mountain, there are some must-see sites here, including Le Jardin d’ Amour, French village, Fantasy park, Wax museum, especially Golden Bridge – the latest construction in Ba Na Hills complex.

Tip to visit Golden Bridge, Da Nang

Because the Golden bridge located at the height of 1400 meter above the sea level and the complex is so large, thus you should pay attention to some tips below:

Light package: you will walk a lot during your journey and play some games here.
Comfortable clothes: if you visit Ba Na Hills in the summer, it will be cool in the top, so you should bring a light coat. But in the winter, you should bring a warm coat.
Shoes: Choose a pair of comfortable shoes for you during the trip, because you will walk a lot.
Ticket: Ba Na Hills is crowded so you should book the ticket in advance via the website, hotel or a travel agency.
What time visit Golden Bridge: you should go to Ba Na Hills before 8.00 a.m because you cannot wait for the cable car and you will have enough time to visit all parts in Ba Na Hills, including Golden Bridge.

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What is the best time to visit the Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills?

Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills is one of the famous destinations in Vietnam, so it is so crowded with both domestic and overseas visitors. It is the reason why you do not visit here in summer or Vietnamese national holidays.

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From October to November is the rainy season in the Central, so you should bring the light raincoat when visiting there.

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