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Great Barrier Reef Shows Significant Signs of Recovery
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Queensland, Australia is pleased to advise a positive update on the recovery status of the iconic Great Barrier Reef. The Reef & Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC), a non-profit enterprising Australian organization, has reported substantial signs of recovery for corals affected by mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

A milder 2017-18 summer, as well as cooperation between science, industry and government, is supporting the recovery of the Reef in many important locations.


Disney plans to build Miami terminal for year-round cruises
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Disney Cruise Line has agreed to sail a ship of at least 3,500 passengers from Miami on a year-round basis, starting in 2023.

It will be the first time Disney deploys a ship year-round from a homeport other than Port Canaveral, Fla.

The agreement, approved by the Miami-Dade County Commission on Sept. 6, also gives Disney first rights to build a new terminal on the south side of the port to the east of the existing Terminal J, which caters to small cruise ships.


Hotels prepared for Hurricane Florence evacuees — and their pets

Hotels outside the destructive path of Hurricane Florence are starting to fill up as residents evacuate their homes to escape the Category 4 storm.

Many hotels in the Carolinas, Virginia and elsewhere are preparing for the storm and waiving fees for cancelling reservations and guests traveling with pets.

“We are seeing a major increase and demand and doing our best to accommodate guests and employees that are being impacted along the coast,” Maggie Giddens, managing director of external at G6 Hospitality, the parent company of Motel 6, said Tuesday. “Right now, we are already expecting limited availability in the Carolinas after a mandatory evacuation was signaled in areas of South Carolina where we have multiple locations.”


Champagne in space: Zero-G bottle lets tourists drink bubbly

Future space tourists may be able to toast the view from orbit with fine champagne, after designers came up with a high-tech bottle made for knocking back bubbly in zero gravity.

The Mumm champagne house teamed up with designer Octave de Gaulle, who has specialised in conceiving of everyday objects for the final frontier, to develop the space-age bottles.

Journalists from several countries will try the champagne on Wednesday during a flight taking off from the French city of Reims, in the heart of champagne country.

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