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The new $100 Samsung SmartThings Tracker has nationwide range


Where are my keys?

Samsung’s new SmartThings tracker will use an LTE-based cellular network to help you keep tabs on your pets, keys, phone, or whatever else you can attach it to. We have seen a lot of tile trackers out there. The TrackR Pixel is on sale right now for just $45, in fact. The difference between those trackers and Samsung’s new tracker is the other brands use Bluetooth and have a very limited range. Once the object you are tracking gets beyond a certain point, these tiles use things like crowd-sourcing to locate them. You’ll never be out of range of Samsung’s tracker unless it manages to travel internationally because it will use a low-power LTE network specifically designed for devices like this.

While you could use these to keep track of your keys or wallet, Samsung’s tracker has a lot of great features for tracking your pets or kids, too. For example, you can set up a geofencing zone that will automatically alert you when the tracker crosses that zone. When you need to grab your kids from soccer practice, they can send you a real-time alert with their exact location so you don’t miss the park entrance. The tracker is water-resistant so it can perform in the rain and has a battery that lasts up to a week.

With those other trackers, like the popular Tile Mate, you can buy three to five of the tiles in a package that costs less than $50. The Samsung SmartThings tracker costs $99.99 and $5 a month after the first year. You can pre-order it through Samsung’s website if you want it starting around Sept. 16 or through Amazon where it will ship around Sept. 30. On September 14, you can find them in AT&T stores, and they will be available with Verizon soon, too.

See on Amazon

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How We Made Over $100k Teaching Overseas


How We Made Over $100k Teaching Overseas #teachingoverseas #teachingabroadHello! Today, I have a great article from Amanda about making money teaching overseas. Enjoy!

Hey! I’m Amanda Swartz from Every Further Mile, a travel blog that helps families learn about and find great opportunities for work and travel overseas. Along with my husband and family, I am an avid traveler who jumps at the chance to try anything new and adventurous. One such opportunity led to this post, where I’ll walk you through how we made over $100,000 in 10 months while traveling to 7 countries.

With a heart full of wanderlust and a restless spirit, you might think that our decision to move overseas to teach was an easy one. But it wasn’t. In a time when our lives were taking major steps backwards, we were presented with an opportunity of a lifetime and we almost let it slip by.

I grew up in a tiny town (of about 500) that I don’t have many fond memories of and I had decided when I left that I would never go back. But, as many of you know, life doesn’t always go the way you had hoped or planned. When my husband had lost his job that he loved, our little family of three had to make the hard decision to live in any apartment within our means and that meant moving back to that tiny little town and into subsidized housing (which I am actually eternally grateful for, we needed it).

We, thankfully, had really good friends who lived down the hall to make it easier, but it was absolutely not where we wanted to be. My husband, Nathan, ended up taking a temporary job that paid barely more than minimum wage and I was able to find a temporary, part time job to help pay the bills.

Amidst our struggles, we had other great friends who would email us about how they were ‘living the life’ working overseas as teachers (they didn’t really put it in those words). As they regaled us with their travel tales and exotic life, my wanderlust was peaked. Every so often they would subtly suggest that we consider joining them, but Nathan was against it and I was too nervous to push it.

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Some may understand our reluctance and some may be questioning our sanity.

Why wouldn’t we want to take an opportunity that could get us out of a situation we desperately didn’t want to be in, that would give us more income than we ever had and more vacation and travel opportunities than ever before?

Good question.

The #1 reason for this was that the opportunity was for teaching in Kuwait. With the news being so negative about the Middle East, we were fearful of taking our 5 year old (and ourselves) to live there.
Taking a big step in anything is scary, let alone moving halfway across the world to live in a country and culture we knew nothing about.
We would miss our family.
Our family might kill us.
We didn’t know how to teach (we are not trained teachers).


Why we decided to teach in the Middle East:

Now you might be asking, why did you go?

It was an amazing opportunity.
It paid more than any job we ever had.
It was an intriguing challenge.
We are a restless sort, who love to try new things (much to our families’ chagrin).
We love to travel and it gave us the opportunity.
We had significant debt and it was only growing.


How We Made Over $100k Teaching Overseas

Facing our first fear:

Our friends had to work hard to settle our fears of the Middle East. It was the one place in the world that my wanderlust heart had no intention of visiting. Truthfully, I’m embarrassed to even say this now (please don’t judge too harshly), but I thought just about every country in the Middle East was war torn, hated women and had nothing of interest.

But now I know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Kuwait, like many Middle Eastern countries (more on this below), is a very wealthy country with lots of amenities, things to do, history and culture to experience, friendly people to meet, and delicious delicacies to taste.

We didn’t get to experience everything in Kuwait in our 10 months there, but there was lots that we loved and truly miss.


Some of our favourite places and offerings in Kuwait:

Beaches, Oceans and Sunsets: Kuwait had stunning sunsets. All the dust in the air made for many orange skies at night. It reflected in the ocean and was a photographer’s haven for cityscape silhouettes.

The public beaches had nice boardwalks and private beaches allowed for more relaxation as women were free to wear what they wanted (yes, even bikinis). Normally, women would be expected to dress in what I might deem clothes ‘respectable’ for the office: shoulders covered, skirts/dresses/pants to the knees, no midriff showing.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that men have clothing expectations too. If you are going into a government office for anything, then you better not go in shorts, they will tell you to come back when you’re wearing pants.

Malls: Due to high temperatures and high incomes, air conditioned malls are very popular in the Middle East. If you want high fashion and impressively large malls, go to Kuwait (or many other Middle Eastern countries).

The Avenues is the biggest and most glamorous mall I’ve ever been to with all your typical stores, a section that is modeled after ancient Middle East culture, and a section that offers only high end products (Gucci, Ferrari merch and so much more that I didn’t explore because I felt very much out of place!)

In addition to malls, there were also traditional markets and even a great farmer’s market on the roof of a downtown building.

Food: Coming from a tiny town, Kuwait was the most glorious experience in regards to food choices. If you wanted it, you could get it. Not only in restaurants, but at your fingertips too. Talabat is an online food ordering website that you can use in just about every Middle Eastern country. You can have almost anything you want (including ice cream) delivered to your door.

As a Canadian, we were especially surprised and delighted to have a Tim Horton’s in The Avenues. They even knew our ‘Timmy’s terminology’ (i.e. Double Double).

Out of pure excitement and possibilities, we wasted a little too much money eating out at first, but toned it down as the year went on.

Luxury: When I think luxury resorts, I think Maldives, not Middle East. But let me tell you, Kuwait and many other Middle Eastern locations have some of the top luxury resorts we have ever experienced with beautiful accommodations lining the ocean, palm trees, gardens, spas, unique pools, and delicious poolside service.

Family fun: While there are many times throughout the year that it’s a bit too hot to play outside, there are many indoor play spaces and museums that are great for kids. The Scientific Center with IMAX and an Aquarium that compares nicely with Ripley’s Aquarium, made for a great place to hang out for the day. They even had cheap yearly family passes that we absolutely took advantage of. Kuwait just built a new massive museum (I believe the biggest in the world) that we didn’t have a chance to see, but we wish we did because it sounds amazing.

The best indoor play space in Kuwait was Kidzania; a mini town built to be a fun and immersive experience for kids. You could buy a drink at a mini Starbucks, work at  a mini Pizza Pizza to make your own lunch, get your driver’s license from the mini DMV and test drive some go karts around a track. Be a firefighter as you drive around in the back of a fire truck. Pretend to be a police officer or a prisoner in a jail cell with ropes instead of bars (making it easy to escape). It was an expensive place to play, but a fun one!

How We Made Over $100k Teaching Overseas

In addition to these great aspects you can also expect:

Grocery stores much like we see in Canada (or the USA).
Public hospitals that are okay and cheap, but private hospitals that are expensive and modern.
Busy and diverse nightlife. Coming from a small town when everything winds down by 6pm, it took some getting used to when everyone else was just getting started. It’s a dry country (no alcohol), but for those looking, they can likely find something to drink…just don’t get caught (you’ll be deported). If you’re American (or friends with Americans as we were), then the American Embassy has its own bar.
Driving is a bit different and a lot busier. People like to honk to indicate they are passing you or turning or when they’re angry or when they’re happy…basically people just really like honk their horns.


About Our Work: Perks, Wages and Vacation

While I enjoyed the idea of teaching, it was the wages, vacations and perks that were the driving force behind our decision to move to Kuwait. We were $14,000 in debt (just with our credit cards and line of credit) when we decided to take on this adventure. On top of this, I had made a goal for myself to bring our son, Corban, on world traveling adventures by the time he was 5 years old. It was looking pretty bleak before this opportunity came along and so we (eventually) jumped in with both feet and many youtube videos.

Here are some quick facts about our work:

English School: We were classroom teachers who taught all the core subjects (not ESL) at an English (language and country) school. I taught grade/level 1 and Nathan taught grade/level 5.
We aren’t teachers: We had major doubts that we would ever get hired because we had a BA in Biblical Theology and were applying to work as teachers in an Islamic country. But with help from our friends, we were accepted even with our lack of teaching degree.
Hours: Islam’s Holy day was on Friday, so we worked from Sunday to Thursday. School started at 7am and went until 3pm. Because they had other teachers for Islam, Arabic, Art, Gym, Computers and Music, the classroom teachers had more time for marking throughout the day then what I see happen here in Canada.
Wages: The moment many of you have been waiting for…depending on the conversion each month, we were paid between $8000-$8500cdn (or $6300usd) per month combined. Although we only worked 10 months, we were paid for 12 months altogether.
Other Wages: We also took on tutoring jobs outside school hours to make a bit of extra spending money ($40cad/hr) and I was youth pastor for a short while at the church we attended (yes, Christians are allowed to worship in Kuwait). This brought in an extra $1000cad/month for me for about 3 months.
Perks: On top of our pay we also had our 2 bedroom apartment, heat and hydro bills covered. We had to pay for taxis (only for recreation because we were a 5 min walk from work), internet and groceries.
Airfare: Free pre-paid airfare to and from Kuwait for each year you are working with them. If you work multiple years, then you can choose where you fly to and from at the beginning and end of the year if you plan to travel instead of go home.
Taxes: Because we are Canadian and the fact that we immigrated to Kuwait for the year, we weren’t taxed at all on our income. Kuwait doesn’t have income or sales tax either, so bonus! Every country has its own tax rules so do your homework.
Vacation: Kuwait (and other Middle Eastern countries) celebrate Islamic holidays and since we worked at a British school, we also celebrated the main Western holidays. With these combined with summer holidays, I calculated that we had 17 weeks off a year (11 weeks during summer and 6 during the year).
Total: This means that we earned $100,000, didn’t have to pay for housing (and estimated income of $15,000), and got 17 weeks of vacation. Not bad at all.
Debt and Savings: This meant that we were able to pay off $14,000 of debt, save $25,000, travel to 7 countries, and live reasonably comfortable throughout the year (eating out, buying toys and generally enjoying our time in Kuwait).


Why Kuwait over teaching overseas in other foreign countries?

When I read about teaching overseas, it almost always is from TEFL teachers that teach in Asia (and specifically in South Korea). While I’m certain these are great experiences, it seems to me that many overlook the option to teach in the Middle East, which I think is a mistake.

There could be many negatives and positives about teaching in each of these countries/areas, but I’m going to stick with just wages, perks and vacation when helping you decide where it would be best to teach.


South Korea: $3,000 usd/month
Kuwait: $6,000 usd/month


South Korea: You get many of the same perks (return airfare, rent, etc), but it seems that you have to pay for your own hydro and heat.


South Korea: 2 weeks paid vacation (not including summer holidays)

Kuwait: 4-7 weeks paid vacation (not including summer holidays)


Which Middle Eastern Countries are Best to Teach In:

Now that you might be thinking of teaching in Kuwait, let’s look at the various Middle Eastern countries that you might also consider:

UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi): This wealthy country continues to invest in the glamorous tourism scene. From fancy turning skyrises to indoor rainforests, UAE has many amazing experiences to offer. Just don’t spend all your money here! (They also allow more imbibing at private resorts).
Jordan: We had friends who worked in Amman and enjoyed it more than their experience in Kuwait. Not just due to the school they taught at, but also because Jordan has more amazing historical and cultural tourism opportunities that you can take advantage of (i.e. Petra and sleeping in the Wadi Rum desert).
Oman: The stunning landscape of Oman is one of the biggest reasons to consider this destination.
Bahrain: Culture, history and tradition mixed with modern structures and amenities makes Bahrain a great option.
Qatar: Similar to UAE or Bahrain, this modern country is also known as the go-to country for higher education. It even boasts the title ‘Education City’.

How We Made Over $100k Teaching Overseas

Should You Bring Kids to Kuwait?

It was both the hardest and best experience that we could have given our son, Corban. As a shy child, it was difficult for him to make friends at first, especially considering many of the students in grade/level 1 still spoke Arabic in their spare time. Corban was the only English as his first language student and the only caucasian in his class. 50% were Kuwaiti and the other 49% were mostly Egyptian or other Arabic speaking nationalities.

While the beginning was difficult, he truly tried his hardest to keep a positive attitude and embrace the adventure we were on. After a couple months, Kuwait became home to him. He loved his friends and enjoyed this exotic life of culture and travel. We all left a piece of ourselves in Kuwait and miss it for all that it imparted to us.

There were few times that we felt unsafe. Sometimes when we were in taxis (they often didn’t have seatbelts and drove like maniacs, but we always tried to wait until we found a taxi that had seatbelts for us). As a fairly timid woman, I didn’t feel comfortable going out at night by myself, but was perfectly fine if we were out as a family or if I was out with others (but truthfully I feel that way about most places/cities).

We felt safe, our son enjoyed making friends and experiencing a new culture, we all learned so much about making friends who may have different views on life (including a beautiful Egyptian, Islamic family that welcomed us into their lives with open arms and became our family away from home).


Yes, I absolutely recommend taking your family to Kuwait to teach.

You will be surprised at the lessons you will learn, the love for others you will feel and the cultural diversity you will experience.


How to Apply:

Many schools in the Middle East do require that you have a teaching degree or equivalent. However, there are some schools (including the Cambridge English School that we taught at) which only required that you have at least a Bachelor’s degree. TEFL was not required.

When you apply, then you will want to include a cover letter and a resume/CV that highlights the following:

Work/Education with children.
Work/Education in specific core subjects or specialty subjects.
Work/Education with creating children’s programming or curriculum .
Using popular and up-to-date teaching terminology.

Ask teachers in the field. If you’re applying to an American school, then ask American teachers. If you’re applying to a British school, then ask British teachers.
Do this in an informational interview style. Find them in a Facebook group or through a friend and see if you can chat on the phone or over coffee and get an idea of what the school may want to hear in the resume or in the interview.

Of course, include the normal organizational, interpersonal, teamwork skills, etc.

Here is an example cover letter and resume/CV that I used when we applied:

Example cover letter
Example resume


Where to Apply:

Below, I’ll give you a list of websites you can look to for schools that you can check out in the Middle East. Check out the school websites for further details on how you should apply or for their email. Keep in mind that most of the schools will say they have only certified/qualified teachers, but many of them still accept those who have just a B.A. (again, like Cambridge English School). Start with applying to the ones that you are most excited about and go from there.

Of course, if you know someone who already works at a school in a Middle Eastern country that you are happy with, then ask them to put a good word in and ask if you can add their name to your cover letter. You will want to apply to British, American, and/or International Private Schools (not public schools).

Best Online Resources for Teaching Jobs/Finding Schools to Apply:

Find British Schools Here

Wikipedia (Google the schools on their lists):


Bahrain has their own list here

Lastly, Edarabia lists the schools by country and by quality



Be Careful When Teaching Overseas:

When applying to any international job, be sure to do your due diligence. Check into the school online, find teachers in Facebook groups to vouch for the school and the person hiring you. Do your research and read your contract carefully. Don’t sign it if you aren’t certain. And lastly, never ever hand in your passport when you reach a new country, not even if they insist it’s necessary.  Always have photocopies of all your important documents on hand and know where your nearest embassy is. Bring your own money with you to get you started. This is just good advice for any international job.


Embrace Your Adventure:

My parting advice is to embrace your adventure. Are you looking for a chance to travel the world? Want to experience new cultures, rich history and great traditions? You have debt to repay and want to save money? You enjoy working with children? These are all great reasons to teach overseas, especially in the Middle East.

Go with an open mind, a respectful attitude and a positive spirit.  You’ll fall in love!

If you have any questions about teaching overseas, I would be happy to answer them in the comments below.

Are you interested in teaching overseas?

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Top 10 Places to Visit in London


Top ten places you must visit in London, England
Top 10 Places to Visit in London

I cannot wait for my upcoming honeymoon in London! A lot of people would want a Hawaiian or Tahitian vacation (and trust me – I need one of those soon!) but Gregg and I are city folk, and London is one of our favorite places in the world. If you’re planning a trip to London, you’ve probably been overwhelmed at one point or another by the sheer number of things you can see and do in the city. With so many options to choose from, narrowing down your itinerary can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, I’m here to help! If you’re on a mission to experience the best London has to offer, make sure these ten places find a spot on your agenda:

1 – Camden Market. With over 1,000 stalls and shops selling everything from vintage clothing and toys to musical instruments and books, it’s impossible to see everything Camden Market has to offer in one visit. Pick up a few souvenirs before grabbing lunch at one of the bars and restaurant in the Market and enjoy some excellent people-watching.

2 – The British Museum. This incredible collection of historically significant objects and artifacts is one tourist hotspot you can’t leave off your list. Admire the stunning architecture and experience exhibits that feature items like the Rosetta Stone, an original Easter Island statue, and the head of Amenhotep III carved from granite, an ancient Egyptian relic. See what special events or rotating exhibits are happening while you’re in town!

3 – The Dog and Duck. Tucked away in Soho, this pub is a sight to behold and makes the perfect place to grab a pint and take a break. You’ll admire the over-the-top, ornately-decorated interior as you enjoy a beverage in the very same pub George Orwell and John Constable once frequented, which makes this an especially worthwhile stop for literature-lovers and art fans.

4 – The Shard. For an unforgettable view of the city you won’t find anywhere else, you need to plan a stop at The Shard. Boasting the title of the tallest building in the United Kingdom, this skyscraper offers an incredible glimpse of London below from one of its viewing decks. Gregg and I will be staying at the Shangri-la at the Shard for our honeymoon!

Top ten places you must visit in London, England

5 -Trafalgar Square. It’s hard to miss Trafalgar Square on a trip to London, as it’s located in the middle of the city next to some major attractions. Home to regal sculptures, impressive monuments, and two stunning fountains, the square hosts many events and festivals throughout the year.ather takes a turn for the worse, or if you’re on a mission to pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

6 – Portobello Road. Located in Notting Hill, you’ll find rows of brightly-painted homes that make this street a great place to take some photos. It’s also home to the Portobello Road Market, where you can find everything from food and clothing to interesting antiques, depending on the day you visit.

7 – The London Eye. This massive ferris wheel is the tallest you’ll find in the United Kingdom. It’ll send you soaring in a pod high above the River Thames and will provide great views of many of London’s most-loved landmarks, like Big Ben (currently under construction) and Westminster Abbey. Since this attraction is so popular, it’s smart to purchase your tickets in advance.

Top ten places you must visit in London, England

8 – The Langham. This hotel makes an excellent choice if you’re looking for an upscale place to stay in London, but even if you don’t choose to stay there, you should make a point to stop by for afternoon tea – a classic British tradition and an experience worth indulging in on vacation. You’ll be treated to a delightful selection of teas, cakes and treats, both sweet and savory, in a picture-perfect teahouse setting.

9 – Hampstead Heath. This public park and open space is perched upon one of the highest points in London, making it a prime location to snap photos of the skyline. Pack a picnic lunch and spend an afternoon relaxing in the sun, then stroll through the zoo or butterfly house, two free attractions in the Golders Hill Park portion of Hampstead Heath.

10 – Stanfords. This bookshop in Covent Garden is worth a visit for anyone who loves traveling. Open since the mid-1800’s, this bookstore specializes in books, maps and odds and ends related to travel. It’s the perfect place to check out if the we

Hit these stops as you make your way around London and you’ll be guaranteed to see, do, eat and experience the best the city has to offer. Did I leave your favorite London location off of the list? Leave a comment and let me know what you consider a must-visit when you’re in town!

You may want to also check my top Instagram-friendly spots in London.

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What’s New in Les 2 Alpes for Winter 2018/2019


Les 2 Alpes has multiple long-term development projects involving its ski area, property and facilities. A number of these started work in May 2018, with the resort preparing for the future. More than ever before, Les 2 Alpes is positioning itself as a benchmark and market leader among the major French ski resorts… Modernity and the ability to draw visitors in are the keywords for Les 2 Alpes’ future! Over the next 5 years, Les 2 Alpes’ large-scale projects represent an investment of almost 500 million Euros (ski lifts, ski run equipment, expanding the artificial snow cover, leisure properties and public infrastructure).


2018: Building the future

A new 8-seater detachable chair lift on La Toura sector (2,600 metres) will replace the 2 Toura and Lac Noir chair lifts. This new chair lift will increase the number of skiers per hour.

2019: Huge wave of investment on the ski area

New chair lifts will be built on the sectors of Les Crêtes, Le Thuit, Le Super Venosc and Pierre Grosse (La Fée sector / middle of the La Fée sector up to the top of Le Signal chair lift on the glacier). This will allow for the ski area to be rearranged, allowing clients to discover new snowsports areas and to clear crowds on the major route of the Jandri Express blue run and gondola lift (2nd phase).

Between 2019 and 2021:

Project to extend the artificial snow network
Between spring 2019 and 2021, Deux Alpes Loisirs, the company that operates the ski area, will be continuing its work to preserve the snow mantle with the construction of La Mura reservoir and associated pumping premises, as well as expanding the network between Les Crêtes (2,100 metres) and Le Grand Nord (2,600 metres). The goal is to eventually guarantee a minimum 30% coverage of the ski area surface in artificial snow. Today, Les 2 Alpes has 250 artificial snowmakers (including 6 on the glacier) and produces 360,000m³ of artificial snow.
Between 2020 and 2023: Les 2 Alpes is changing its look for the long-term

The resort will build a new 3S gondola lift to replace the Jandri Express. The transportation rate will be three times higher than the Jandri Express (4,000 people an hour versus 1,200 people an hour today). The Alpe d’Huez – Les 2 Alpes link is planned for 2022. The construction of the future cable link between Alpe d’Huez and Les 2 Alpes will take place between the villages of Auris and Mont de Lans; transport routes between Mont de Lans, the resort and Les 2 Alpes’ summits will also be redesigned. The plan is for the Force 2-seater Mont de Lans chair lift to be replaced by a gondola lift to Village 1800 (resort) and Les Crêtes (2,100 metres).


Multiple property developments between now and 2020 Les 2 Alpes will benefit from a major property development scheme and governmental support to create higher quality rental accommodation. 3,500 additional beds will be created within the next 3 years.

2018: an ultramodern hostel

On the 15th of December 2018, an ultramodern hostel with 364 beds will open in Les 2 Alpes – The People Hostel. A brand belonging to the France Hostels group which operates its first establishment in Lille, The People Hostel – Les 2 Alpes will comprise 45 private bedrooms, as well as 41 shared bedrooms each with 4, 6 or 8 beds. All available from €19 per night only! The People Hostel – Les 2 Alpes will also have a restaurant and a bar open to the public, a chill-out room and a terrace.

2019: several renovations are taking place

A new look for La Résidence building (Croix des Limites), as well as the addition of a chalet (multiple apartments).

The former Les Alpinistes hotel is becoming a new ODALYS residence (apartments / 500 beds and shops).
Terres de Venosc housing estate situated between La Place de la Croix des Limites and Le Diamant building on the Vallée Blanche side will offer 30 luxury chalets (700 beds).

SAFILAF Néméa Tourist Residence, between Les Marmottes residence and the Vallée Blanche chair lift (931 beds/ 104 4-star apartments and 91 4-star Premium apartments).

Le Chalet du Soleil Residence (Terrésens) will offer 221 beds (44 apartments).

2020: a new multi-residence 

Les Glaciers residence (at the resort entrance), one of Les 2 Alpes’ first buildings is going to become a multi-residence (SEMCODA) with a hotel (50 bedrooms), a tourist residence with 32 apartments, a residence for senior citizens with 50 apartments, and another building with 44 apartments totalling an additional 618 beds.

LES CLARINES residence (MMV) on the Super Venosc sector will be renovated into 160 apartments / 800 beds).

Les 2 Alpes is welcoming a 2nd Le Belambra establishment in Le Village 1800.


All of these ski area and property development projects bring with them new employees and services. These too will be major factors in term of the resort’s attractiveness to visitors.

The project will be carried out by 2020: reorganisation of car parks throughout the resort, Maison du Tourisme renovation, public transport reorganisation, helistation, aquafun centre, skatepark, fibre optic broadband.


In 2009, the resort was awarded the national FAMILLE PLUS MONTAGNE label, which guarantees a dedicated and quality service for children spending their winter holiday in Les 2 Alpes. (Certification requirements: A crèche for children from the age of six months, children cared for by professionals, activities to suit every age, quality infrastructure, medical first aid for minor injuries, and family pricing policy.)


European Ski School is launching a mini snowboarding school with adapted snowboards and lessons for children from 3 to 6 years old. From €45 per hour, equipment included.

Explorers’ hike: a 1.5km route with animalthemed questions. The walk takes place on the snow front up to St Benoît chapel. You just need to collect your travel journal from the Tourist Office and you’re off on a beautiful discovery to find out everything there is to know about mountain wildlife. And this is completely free!

A snow bowling alley or how to “unstick” the most pins in an inflatable rubber ring, every Monday at 4.30pm. This activity is run free of charge by the tourist office.

A doughnut-style inflatable rubber ring slide – jump on to an enormous mattress or air bag (every afternoon, €3).

A yoga session (Hatha yoga, exercises + relaxation) every Friday morning, in the snow, facing La Muzelle mountain (from 10.30am to 11.30am). This activity is free of charge, run by the Tourist Office.


Les 2 Alpes has a kid’s park for children under 10 years old. They can learn and practice freestyle in a safe environment. Located in Les Crêtes area, it includes a lift, banked turned and bumps. There are five free lifts at the bottom of the resorts. The ski pass is free for children under 5 years old, and there are special discounted family passes.

The Babysnow is a piece of equipment for winter sports. Developed by a ski instructor / mountain guide from Les 2 Alpes, it is like a snowscooter but for children aged between 1 and 4 years old. It can be used while snowshoeing, walking or skiing. Adults and children can have fun together. The Babysnow is for sale or rental in most sport shops in Les 2 Alpes. It is also available in some hotels. The Ski School of Les 2 Alpes offers training to parents who would like to try the Babysnow with their children. It can be used on the five free lifts at the bottom of the slopes.

Les 2 Alpes offers many other activities for children (swimming pool, bowling, ice gliders, ice cave visit, donkey museum in Venosc village, dog sledding, mini snowmobile) as well as entertainment all winter.

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Intertops, Juicy Stakes Casino offer Malta Poker Festival satellite tourneys


Select players of the online poker portals Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Casino could be in a seat at the Malta Poker Festival (MPF) in November. The sites are offering a chance for several lucky winners to earn a trip to participate in the NHLE Grand Event, which will run from Nov. 1-6 at the Portomaso Casino and offers a guaranteed prize pool of €500,000.

Intertops, Juicy Stakes Casino offering Malta Poker Festival satellite tourneysBeginning Sept. 5, the sites will run four satellite tournaments daily. The tournament champions will win a prize package worth $2,500 that includes the event buy-in, a 5-night stay at the Hilton Malta Resort, two tickets for an exclusive MPF VIP Player party, travel money and additional gear.

The MPF has its starts in the Battle of Malta (BOM) tournament. However, a legal dispute with the owners of the BOM brand forced the event founder, Ivonne Montealegre, to change the name. In announcing the MPF, Montealegre stated, “With an operation like the one we have at Portomaso Casino, breaking records for the past seven years, it makes sense to take the tournament to the next level. We have been listening to our clients and have recalibrated the entire operation to focus on good quality poker in the most spectacular destination in Malta.”

According to tournament director Danilo de Bernardis, the Portomaso is the only casino that could be considered for this type of event. He said when the MPF was first announced, “Portomaso Casino is the only venue on the island capable of hosting an event of this magnitude. We have both the manpower and the facilities to create a comfortable, ethical, and professional environment to conduct an unforgettable poker experience. Our team is as strong as it gets after working together for 7 years.”

The BOM had been a highly successful event in Malta the past couple of years. Last year, Israeli amateur Nadav Lipszyc emerged from a field of 2,074 entries to win the Main Event and bank $232,585. It was his first recorded cash win—and one of only three—according to The Hendon Mob.

There are a number of different events scheduled for the festival, including, NLHE, Pot-Limit Omaha, several “Hendon Mob” challenges, a ladies event and even a Black Jack tournament. On top of the poker fun, there are also several cocktail and player parties scheduled. The full schedule of activities can be found on the Malta Poker Festival website.

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Dragon Quest XI Review: A Magical And Near-Perfect RPG


The perfect RPG does not exist, or does it? Enter the release of Square Enix’ Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, the latest entry in the long-running Dragon Quest series. Not only is this title a joy to play, but it brings a particular kind of magic back to RPGs that has sorely been missing from recent titles.

The first Dragon Quest game released on the original NES in Japan in 1986 and the U.S. in 1989. Since then, there has been a slew of other Dragon Quest games, including spinoffs, as well as novels, manga, and two anime series. That’s a lot of history, but the good news is that players unfamiliar with the franchise will have no problem diving into Dragon Quest XI. And that’s the beauty of this latest title: it taps into what made the previous games so wonderful but also serves as a bold and beautiful introduction to the wonderful world of Dragon Quest.

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Dragon Quest XI follows the quest of the Luminary, a boy who comes to realize that he is the key to saving the world of Erdrea from a dark force known as the “Dark One.” As is the case with any such quest, he ends up with his share of allies, those characters that want to help him save the world from evil. That also means that he has his share of enemies, including an entire kingdom who have mistaken him for the Darkspawn that will destroy the world. The Luminary must travel all over Erdrea and learn what it is he needs to do to save his world from certain doom, all the while staying one step ahead of his enemies.

For those familiar with RPGs, especially JRPGs, there is nothing new or groundbreaking about Dragon Quest XI. This is a traditional JRPG with lots of traveling, lots of grinding, lots of combat against a variety of enemies and lots of quests that allow the Luminary to learn more about his world, its people and each place that he visits. There is no learning curve for those who already know how to play this kind of game because it’s straightforward right from the start, throwing the player into the action almost immediately.

The primary mission is broken down into smaller tasks, each which will lead the Luminary closer to his primary goal. Completing missions earns items and skill points and progresses the story a little further. There are also side missions, which offer the Luminary a chance to help out others for additional items. The side missions also give the Luminary a chance to get to know the people of each of Erdrea’s lands, as well as give him an opportunity to learn more about their culture, hopes and dreams.

Dragon Quest XI’s turn-based combat is also straightforward. Players can choose to control every character in their party, or they can just control the Luminary and let an AI figure out how best to use other characters in fights. As this is a JRPG, grinding is essential, because leveling up is the only way the Luminary and his friends will beat the next boss fight. Boss fights are still challenging, though, but not to the point of frustrating players. Each character has a specific set of skills that they are automatically good at, but skill trees allow the player to determine which particular skillsets each character should focus on: this is determined by spending skill points.

Churches, or save points, are scattered throughout the world, making it easy not to lose progress. The “Zoom” function is nice, which offers a fast travel option to places the Luminary previously visited. It’s highly recommended, though, that players spend more time traversing Erdrea the hard way: by foot, horseback or ship. This slower method of travel gives the player a chance to fully immerse into the fantasy, as well as grind to continue to level up.

It’s the setting and story, though, where Dragon Quest XI excels. Erdrea is a beautifully thought-out and detailed world, with cities inspired by the real world (such as the Venice-like Gondolia) and fantasy (such as the underwater mermaid kingdom). Each land has its own theme, along with unique monsters that the Luminary and his friends must face. The monsters are as fantastical as their lands, although many will still feel familiar to JRPG fans. Each character is also interesting, with fleshed out backstories that the Luminary learns about as he continues on his journey with them. Even NPCs are well thought out. The overall storytelling here is top notch, the kind that might even make players get emotional at times.

Although Dragon Quest XI has a beautiful musical soundtrack to accompany its story, it’s the voice acting choices that sometimes feel a little off. Although most of the voices are great, particularly with the characters in each land having specific accents, there are times when a character’s voice doesn’t seem to fit a character. This is particularly true for Erik, one of the first allies the Luminary acquires in the game, who has a sort of Brooklyn accent that doesn’t seem to fit the world or the character. It’s a small annoyance, but it can eventually grate on the nerves after hours of gameplay.

That small matter doesn’t change the fact that Dragon Quest XI is a near-perfect game. It’s a perfect example of just how good a traditional JRPG can be. Its beautifully-rendered world takes players deep into its fantasy, immersing them in a world they can only wish were real. Yes, the perfect RPG exists and it’s Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age releases September 4 on PS4 and PC. Screen Rant was provided a copy for the PS4 for the purposes of this review.

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A Day in the Life of a Toggl Frontend Developer



I’ve recently found out pretty much all our frontend developers think working for Toggl is even better than what they expected when they applied for the job. Huh.

Of course, as one of the earliest members of the frontend team, I’m glad to know we’ve been consistently exceeding expectations. But this information made me realize we’re most likely failing to give a clear picture of what our jobs truly entail.

My first attempt to clarify this will be taking you on a tour of a day in my life: welcome to a regular workday as a frontend developer at Toggl.

9:00 AM My phone alarm goes off. It’s Monday. Despite going to bed a little late yesterday (thanks, Netflix) I wanted to start earlier today. So I wake up — success! And then I tap the snooze button and go back to sleep.

9:09 AM The alarm wakes me up, I snooze it again. Did you know Apple’s default nine minutes snooze interval on the iPhone comes as a homage to old clocks?

9:18 AM: The snoozed alarm strikes again and this time I give up. I get up and do my clothes-changing and teeth-brushing morning ritual. Protip: if you avoid looking at the mirror you can skip combing your hair.

9:25 AM: Before heading out I decide to take a quick look at the Slack notifications on my phone: nothing seems too urgent. I mark everything as unread again and leave them for later. Food first, work later.

9:27 AM: I hit play on the latest episode of my favorite podcast and leave my apartment in Lisbon. I’m not going to Toggl’s office though. We don’t even have an office in Lisbon (we’re actually based in Tallinn). We are a remote-first company, so employees can choose to work from anywhere they want.

9:38 AM: There’s a nice French bakery right next to the coworking space where I’ve been working. Lisbon has become a fun cultural mess these days; I order some breakfast to go in Portuguese, the guy confirms it in French, says something to the baker in what I believe to be Hindi, and finally tells me the price in English. The baker hands me the bag and says “obrigado”.

9:42 AM: I arrive at my destination. The coworking space is still pretty empty, confirming my suspicions: only the truly mad among us will choose to wake up before 8 AM if given a flexible schedule.

9:44 AM: I sit in the kitchen, open my laptop, make some black tea and eat my croissant while I plan my day. We’ll have our weekly meeting later today, so I need to prepare a list of what I achieved last week. This also reminds me I need to catch up with last Thursday’s Kitchen Talk. Kitchen talks are a live video “meeting” where different groups of people talk every week about a variety of topics. Fortunately the video streaming is automatically saved so we can watch it later.

9:56 AM: Some people enter the kitchen and the table suddenly becomes too small. I leave and find a seat in a shared desk. I continue my planning: the late-timezone frontend folks in the Americas reviewed my pull requests after I stopped working last Friday: only one was merged, the other two need changes. I want to repay the favor so I decide to spend some time on code review (plus, we have an obscene number of open pull requests). This is all I can think of, so I compile a to-do list for today on Workflowy:


10:04 AM: Time to take care of the Slack notifications. When I first checked there were only four messages: one from Veljko (one of our amazing support agents), two from Olivia (our user acquisition expert), one from Filip (a fellow frontend dev). There’s now a fifth one from Geekbot, a service we use for asynchronous daily standup updates.

10:06 AM: I start with Geekbot. It’s AI doesn’t seem advanced enough yet to come up with new questions by itself, so I can quickly get that out of the way. It is eager to know what I did last Friday. I tell my robotic friend: I had a 1:1 meeting, sent a bugfix for the time entry autocomplete component, and added a new landing page to our public web. It replies by asking me what I’m gonna do today. I paste the to-do list I wrote earlier. Geekbot posts my status update to a Slack channel so the rest of the team can read it.


Sometimes Geekbot is a little too insistent


10:09 AM: Veljko came with a bug report sent by a user. It seems to be a regression that sneakily escaped our automated tests. The timer page visualization chart selector wasn’t working anymore. I find the original issue on Github and reopen it. It is kind of an embarrassing bug so I mark it as a high priority. If nobody picks it up in the next hours I’ll do it myself. I set a reminder on Slack for a few hours later.

10:12 AM: I read Olivia’s message. It was about some commits she pushed 10 days ago to wrap up a new sales-related landing page she’s been developing with a design agency. It seems nobody had the time to review it yet so I apologize a hundred times and add it to my to-do list.

10:14 AM: Finally, I get to Filip’s message. He said he pushed a new branch configuring Docusaurus to generate our internal documentation and suggested we could migrate to something more advanced later if needed. This is because I was fiddling with Gatsby the other day and asked him for help because I couldn’t make it work with our monorepo. I say I’ll take a look. My to-do list now looks like this:


10:17 AM: Nuno, a Toggl frontend dev who also lives in Lisbon, arrives at the coworking space. He’s test driving the place for a month. We go to the kitchen to grab some espresso and we chat a little bit, mostly about his idea of introducing Storybooks to our workflow as a way to improve the quality of our components. He pitched it to the frontend team last week and everybody was thrilled, so he started implementing it right away.

10:28 AM: I go back to the computer to chat a little bit on Slack while the caffeine doesn’t kick in. A link I posted previously on #movies-books about an upcoming tech-related TV series sparked a discussion about the movie Annihilation, by the same director. I check #chitchat and add reaction emojis to some neat photos the support team posted there — they’re currently doing a meetup in Croatia. This reminds me I’m running out of Schengen days so I ask in #traveling if somebody is planning to hang out somewhere outside Schengen after the company meeting in Tallinn.

10:36 AM: I open Toggl’s Summary Report to see what I did last week and write down a list of my past week’s achievements for the weekly meeting. Apart from the new landing page, it consists mostly of bugfixes in our webapp and some tooling improvements. Fun fact: time tracking is not mandatory at Toggl.


10:43 AM: The next item on my to-do list is “Code review”. I start with a pull request sent by Shantanu as part of our reports rewrite. He assigned Jake as a reviewer. Jake is the other dev working with him on this project, but he is attending JSConf this week so I can help to speed up things in the meantime. I test the pull request in my computer and confirm it does what it says it does: fixes a long description overflowing the pie chart. The code looks fine, all the tests are passing, but there’s a Danger failed check: he forgot to reference the issue from the commit. I add a comment about it.


11:00 AM: The next pull request I pick fixes a bug in the “Reactivate subscription” button. It was broken for some users because of a state-related edge case. It takes a while to reproduce the problem but I confirm the fix works well and everything else seems fine. The branch can’t be merged because it has conflicts, but I’m feeling generous today so I rebase it myself, test again and merge.

11:33 AM: I decide to check Olivia’s pull request. Apart from a minor HTML metadata problem, all is well. She has been waiting for a long time so I fix it myself and merge it. I tell our Slack bot Marvin to deploy the changes to production, and it acknowledges the command with a random depressive message (because, yes, Marvin is totally not a reference).

One of the many times Marvin shared its feelings and was completely ignored


11:35 AM: Oops. I notice it is almost lunchtime. The problem is: we have a rule of only doing production deploys when somebody can be around for two hours to do a rollback in case something breaks. I ask in the frontend channel if somebody can keep an eye on it and Henrique promptly says he can.

11:58 AM: I ask Nuno if he wants to grab some tacos for lunch at (according to him) the best restaurant in Lisbon. He says he’d rather go Thursday when their lunch menu has tacos al pastor. We go to our default lunch spot, a nice noodle soup place across the street.

12:45 PM: We come back from lunch and sit on the rooftop to drink coffee and chat for a while.

1:12 PM: My phone buzzes; it’s Slackbot reminding me of Veljko’s message. I sit at the computer again and check the issue I created. Not only it was picked up by someone else on the team, but it has a pull request with a fix already! I confirm the fix indeed solves the problem and merge it.

1:21 PM: I start a production deploy and tell Veljko the bugfix is going to production. He replies with a confetti emoji, a raised hands emoji, and a champagne emoji. I don’t speak hieroglyph, but guess this means he’s happy with the news. I update my to-do list:


1:23 PM: All those completed items on my to-do list make me feel productive so I give myself a free pass to procrastinate a little bit. I use my free time in the worst possible way: scrolling down my Facebook feed.

1:37 PM: I start fixing my two open pull requests. We agreed all colors should be externalized in variables and I left some colors behind in one of them. I quickly refactor it, update the remote branch, and merge it myself. I also open a new issue suggesting an automated check for colors without variables.

1:46 PM: The other pull request was an attempt to improve our offline mode synchronization but it actually made it worse: entries deleted when offline wouldn’t be deleted from the server. This keeps me busy for a while.

2:30 PM: Meeting time. The frontend team is now trying Zoom for video chat. Each person talks about what was accomplished during the previous week. During my turn, I briefly speak about my struggles with the offline mode problem and Jaan gives me a suggestion on how to fix it. Luiz says he has to go to the bank today and will compensate later. We’re super flexible about work schedule, so nobody is even keeping track — it’s more like an honor system.

2:57 PM: The meeting is over. I try to do what Jaan said to fix the offline mode problem. It works! I test it a little bit more, push a new commit to the remote branch and put it up for review again.

3:14 PM: My brain is getting tired. I find myself mindlessly scrolling Facebook again. The content itself punishes me for the procrastination.

3:19 PM: I check my to-do list again. There are only two tasks now: “Check Docusaurus branch” and “Watch missed Kitchen Talk”. I go for the Kitchen Talk. It’s not as fun as watching it live, but at least I can play it at double speed. Two new hires introduce themselves and the Traffic team speaks a little bit about their plans. The 2x-speed chipmunk voice takes away some of their credibility though.

3:39 PM: After watching the Kitchen Talk I finally check the Docusaurus branch by running it locally. It doesn’t seem very flexible but it does the job. I message Filip telling him I like it. Farewell, to-do list!


3:45 PM: I search for a new Github issue to work on. There’s one from the product team asking us to restyle our calendar and date pop-downs so it matches the new designs. I assign myself to it and start working. The previous pop-down code was written with CSS Modules but we’re migrating everything to Emotion, so there’s a lot of refactoring ahead.

4:20 PM: Tea time. No, seriously. This is not a euphemism. I literally stop to drink tea. The time was just a coincidence.

4:28 PM: I continue working on the restyle issue. I changed too much stuff at once and everything looks broken beyond any reason right now.

4:35 PM: I’m hungry and my productivity is getting low. I decide to go home and continue there, after eating something.

4:40 PM: On the way back home, I admit to myself this is it for today. I open Slack on the phone and tell the team I’m signing off for the day.


Even though this could be a perfectly possible work day, I feel obliged to say this story was stitched up from real events that happened on different days. We are really proud of our work culture and my goal with this article was to illustrate how it reflects on our daily work.

Pssst! We’re looking for team players who are eager to learn and do great things! Do you think you’d be a good fit for our culture? Would you like to be part of our frontend team and help us to make the best time tracker in the world even better? Wait not more: apply to our frontend developer job!

Not a frontend developer? Check our other open job positions!

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Glasses, Contacts, Laser Eye Surgery: Which One Suits My Lifestyle Best?


Glasses, Contacts, Laser Eye Surgery: Which One Suits My Lifestyle Best?

You may think your glasses or contacts suit your lifestyle, but it’s more likely you’ve adapted your lifestyle to fit around them.

When you decide to use corrective eyewear, you sign an invisible contract that puts certain limitations on what you can and can’t do.

If you’ve lived most of your life under the constraints of one of these contracts, you may not even notice it anymore. Like working a 9-5 job, until you take a sabbatical, have a midlife crisis, or retire, it’s hard to see there’s even any other way to live.

From your hobbies to your career, your temperament to your affinity for travel, eyewear has a significant influence on who you become and how you live. So, even if you’ve never given it much thought before, it’s worth making sure you’ve chosen the right vision correction method for your needs.

Glasses: The Default Option

Glasses have a lot of strong points, and as they’re so easy to use (for most of us) and accessible, they’ve become the default form of vision correction treatment that most of us try first and inevitably stick with.

Unlike contacts and Laser Eye Surgery, they’re also suitable for every age group. From toddlers to your grandma, no one is excluded from being a part of the booming business of spectacles.

What makes them particularly convenient, though, is that they require very little looking after other than a wipe every couple of days. And as they never touch the eyeball itself, they come with very little risk — other than poking yourself in the eye with one of the arms, that is.

If you’ve worn glasses for a while, though, and you like to move once in a while from a sedentary position (who doesn’t?), you’ll have noticed they come with equally as many, and many more, downsides. To name a few, they’re a complete nuisance to carry around with you, can be smudged, scratched, broken, lost and are generally just annoying to wear.

The inconveniences of glasses also mean they’re impractical for everything from jogging and reading to firefighting and instructing ballet. Safe to say, if you want to lead even a slightly active lifestyle, glasses can hold you back or, at the very least, make sure you’re incredibly stressed throughout.

Contacts: An Alternative

Contacts are sold as the active person’s alternative to glasses. And, technically, as they do sit on the surface of your eye, they aren’t affected by the weather as much as glasses and are much harder to lose when playing sports and exercising.

That said, a study published in early 2017 in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery found that “the risk of infection with soft contact lens wear seems to be higher than that after LASIK.”, showing that the overall lifetime risk for a sight-threatening corneal infection is much lower for people who have had LASIK than those who wear contact lenses. 

In addition to this, contact lens wearers may find that when working at a computer screen (which most people are), they experience issues with contacts contribute to dryness and digital eye strain.

All this means contact lenses are useful as a temporary vision aid, but when it comes to long-term use, they tend to be too uncomfortable and risky to be a viable alternative to glasses.

But, even with all their pitfalls, there’s a reason why glasses and contacts are the most popular modes of vision correction today: convenience.

This brings us to the first reason Laser Eye Surgery isn’t for many people: to have it, you need to take time out of your day to research treatments, find the right clinic, and actually have the procedure. Although the treatment itself is extremely quick, the overall process from your initial inquiry to your first aftercare appointment can take up time that many people just don’t have.

On top of that, in the same way many people prefer to pay to rent a house instead of buying it outright, some people are put off by the high upfront cost of owning your vision. Laser Eye Surgery isn’t cheap, but when compared to the lifetime costs of contacts and glasses, just like owning a house, it is much more economical.

Get past these hurdles and, as it is the same as being able to see without glasses or contacts, you’ll be rewarded by the fact that Laser Eye Surgery places no restrictions on your lifestyle. Whether you want to dance, swim, read, work at a computer, or simply be able to see better, you are free to do it all.

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Best Online Shopping Stores WordPress Themes


Best eCommerce / WooCommerce themes. Responsive WordPress Themes for online Shopping Stores websites with modern and advanced features. Clean and unique looking WordPress Themes which will impress all of your Customers and give you a better chance to grow your income from your Online business. All themes are coded with HTML5 and CSS3 with modern UI and UX design, suitable for all kind of online shopping stores or business use. All themes are designed to give your brand or service an air of esteem and confidence, easy theme is fully customizable, built with best frameworks and made with HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery & SEO ready and looks amazing on all types of screens and devices.

Themes features are powerful Theme Options Panel paired with intuitive page options panels, a widgetable areas manager and a custom tailored Visual Composer, drag and drop page builder, provide you the tools you need to create complex websites without touching a line of code.

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Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes For Online Stores Websites

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Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes

These themes can used as a Single Page and as a Multi page. With a lots of design elements, unique online shopping stores landing pages, multiple blog style and other Features. packed with power full features and easy to use admin interface. By these WooCommerce themes you can build a personalized super fast responsive shopping website on any niche including a company website, superstore, men’s store, women’s store, furniture, clothes, shoes, home appliances, computer accessories, and so on.

Ozisti – Augmented Reality, AR WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Ozisti is a revolutionary, stylish & modern Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Augmented Reality (AR) integration. It is an outstanding contemporary solution if you want to build more than just a simple WooCommerce store. It will suit any online shop: furniture firm, electronics, gadgets company, interior / exterior items agency, fashion clothes boutiques etc.

Ozisti | Augmented Reality, AR WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Veera – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Veera can be customized easily using LA Framework. It has a powerful theme options panel and WordPress customize. The theme also bundles custom tailored version of revolutionary Visual Composer which allows users to build various page layouts with minimum effort.

Veera – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

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Slikk – A Stylish WooCommerce Theme

Slikk is a stylish and elegant e-commerce WordPress theme built for WooCoomerce plugin. It includes shop extended features like product quick view, user wishlist, dropdown cart panel, login popup and more. It is designed to be clean, user-friendly, secure and focused on performances. It includes all the features you need to create a professional online shop easily and quickly.

Slikk – A Stylish WooCommerce Theme

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DSK – Furniture Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

DSK is have Easy Installation & Setting, Fully Responsive, Unlimited Colors, Powerful Admin, Advanced Meta Options, Demo One-Click Installation, Live Preview WP Customizer, Compatible with WordPress 4.9+, Compatible with WooCommerce 3.4+, Wishlists, Compare, Ajax shopping cart, Product Quick View, 3+ Homepage layouts for your choice, Cool features for Shop Page, 2+ Cloud zoom style for your choice, Popup Image Product, Popup Video Product

DSK – Furniture Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Ecotree – Organic Food WordPress Theme

Ecotree is a new kind of Theme. In few words, it is the most powerful, easy to use versatile E-Commerce WordPress theme has been purposely built for the organic food, organic shop and organic farm industry. We built Ecotree in order to let the user have the possibility to modify and control every part of their site, and this is really easy.

Ecotree – Organic Food WordPress Theme

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Prequelle – Elegant and Modern WooCommerce Theme

Prequelle is modern and elegant e-commerce WordPress theme built for WooCoomerce plugin. It includes shop extended features like product quick view, user wishlist, dropdown cart panel, login popup and more. It is designed to be clean, user-friendly, secure and focused on performances. It includes all the features you need to create a professional online shop easily and quickly.

Prequelle – Elegant and Modern WooCommerce Theme

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Cocoon – Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Cocoon is a Clean, Professional & Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme for online Shopping Stores. We have been working really hard to deliver a clean and unique looking WordPress Theme which will impress all of your Customers and give you a better chance to grow your income from your Online Store.

Cocoon – Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Nomos – Modern AJAX Shop Designed For Mobile And SEO Friendly

Nomos is a theme designed to work on any device, especially mobile devices. With the mobile first design language, the Nomos theme brings a great experience on mobile devices. Nowadays, almost every website visit comes from mobile devices, so Nomos will be the perfect choice for all mobile users.

Nomos – Modern AJAX Shop Designed For Mobile And SEO Friendly

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Flaky – A Responsive WooCommerce Theme for Online Shopping Websites

Flaky all-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme. The utilitarian design comes from a blend of the finest modern features and research-based ultra-modern functionalities with a tinge of classics.

Flaky – A Responsive WooCommerce Theme for Online Shopping Websites

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KALLYAS – Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Kallyas as a one page website photography gallery corporate hotel leisure spa industrial construction architecture architect lawyer law travel booking modern school education university lms kids fitness gym sport directory event beauty lifestyle landing mobile job marketplace music app product game best admin jewelry food restaurant clean web design dentist auto watch store listing hair salon barber technology marketing transport car rental dealer logistics RTL Parallax Revolution slider pizza automotive newspaper membership coming soon shopify charity summit motivational speaker keynote coaching coach mentor trainer therapist training theater.

KALLYAS – Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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CiyaShop – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

CiyaShop has all the reasons to be extraordinary. With the aid of Unlimited Theme options, impressive hover styles, and countless layout options, we can leave our customers breathless, and your customers astonished. It comes along with a panoply of features which makes it the perfect woo-commerce theme.

CiyaShop – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Hepta – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Hepta is a creative, clean and unique responsive Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme. It’s perfect for any Business, Financial, Consulting, Insurance, loan, Tax help, Investment Firm, Creative Business, Corporate, Company, Individual sites, Fitness, Gym, Trainer, Personal or Freelancers Portfolio, Minimal Portfolio, Constructions, Renovations etc. to show their services, projects/portfolios and other informations to their customers.

Hepta – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

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Marketo – ECommerce & Multivendor Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Marketo is a clean E-commerce Multipurpose Multi-vendor WordPress theme with the vertical menu, perfect for your E-commerce Business. This WordPress theme contains 8+ Homepage Design with full and easily customizable, and well organized Ediatiabe.

Marketo – ECommerce & Multivendor Woocommerce WordPress Theme

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Hama – Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hama Shop theme is a modern, clean and professional WordPress theme, it comes with a lot of useful and unique features and unlimited variations. Ama.ali theme is fully responsive, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices.

Hama – Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Chromium – Auto Parts Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Chromium is a great premium auto parts WordPress theme. We designed it to make your site prettier and your life easier. The theme is fast, modern, and features great plugins and theme options. Why? Because they facilitate the process of theme tuning. This WordPress auto parts template comes with easy demo data installation system, thorough documentation, and at least 6 months of the personal one-on-one ticket system support.

Chromium – Auto Parts Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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Flinto – Modern and Minimal eCommerce WordPress Theme

Flinto is an eCommerce WordPress theme that aims at making the Online Shop Creation experience a buttery smooth one for users new & experienced alike. With the Powerful Live Drag & Drop Visual Site Builder, you get 200+ of superbly designed Premade Blocks & Elements to use in your Shop with single click Block import & without ever having to touch a line of code.

Flinto – Modern and Minimal eCommerce WordPress Theme

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Olla – Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a right theme for your modern online store ? If that so, you are so lucky because we are introducing one of our outstanding themes for you: Olla.

Olla - Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Korando – Multipurpose Theme for WooCommerce WordPress

Korando is a responsive friendly WordPress theme, built to make your site look good-looking and professional. It offers an ecommerce online store for selling fashion, furniture and accessories.

Korando – Multipurpose Theme for WooCommerce WordPress

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Pearl – Multipurpose & Corporate Business WordPress Theme

Pearl is the first true Bundle of Multi-Niche Business WordPress themes on the market. We say “No!” to fake demos, “No!” to just replacing images or fonts, and “No!” to months of customization. Pearl is truly one of a kind. Every niche demo included with this theme has been carefully tailored to the exact nature of the industry, and designed and developed to include every feature and functionality you could need for your purpose.

Pearl – Multipurpose & Corporate Business WordPress Theme

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Lezada – Minimal & Creative WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Lezada is such a theme that captures the audiences’ attention with sharp homepage layouts and functional online shop design. It is well-suited for retail stores, marketplaces, fashion shops, cosmetics and household appliances of any size. Check out our demo to dip into a whole new way of building robust eCommerce-based online shops and businesses.

Lezada – Minimal & Creative WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Professionals use Kallyas as a one page website photography gallery corporate hotel leisure spa industrial construction architecture architect lawyer law travel booking modern school education university lms kids fitness gym sport directory event beauty lifestyle landing mobile job marketplace music app product game best admin jewelry and etc.

Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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UpStore – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

UpStore is a WooCommerce WordPress theme designed for shopping online stores. We have included multiple layouts for home page, product page to give you best selections in customization. UpStore is suitable for the eCommerce websites such as supermarket, furniture, organic, fashion, electronics, pet, sport, spa, yoga, game … or anything you want.

UpStore – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Kossy – Minimalist eCommerce WordPress Theme

Kossy is a modern and minimalist eCommerce WordPress theme with a proper attention to the details. It was built for your furniture store, clothing store, digital store, watch store, men store, women store, accessories store, cosmetics shop, bookstore, hi-tech store and etc. Kossy theme support you many great tools to enable the features via using Theme Options, you also can customize Google fonts without code very easy and simple.

Kossy – Minimalist eCommerce WordPress Theme

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Sophie – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Sophie – Responsive WooCommerce Theme is a responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme. This clean, modern and minimal design gives a particular emphasis on selling and eCommerce stores. It is perfect for clothing, fashion, accessories, bags, shoes, watches, sports, gadgets, and other.

Sophie – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Demo Download

PetMark – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Petmark for WooCommerce WordPress theme include many features and a nice design. It’s great for selling pet, pet food, pet supplies. Structure is clear and arrangement is logic which make modern feeling for this website.

PetMark – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Demo Download

Umbala – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Umbala is professional minimalis WooCommerce theme for shopping online stores. Umbala will make your online store look more impressive and attractive to viewers. With this WooCommerce theme you can use it for a lot of e-commerce website such as fashion store, furniture store, etc.

Umbala – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Demo Download

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Faraday Future Begins Pre-Production Of The FF 91, Deliveries Slated For Early Next Year


It looks like Byton isn’t the only company getting closer to launching an electric crossover as Faraday Future has unveiled the first pre-production FF 91.

Coming less than a month after the company built their first body-in-white, the pre-production model is the first FF 91 to roll off the assembly line at Faraday Future’s plant in Hanford, California.

Faraday Future is billing the crossover as an “intelligent robotic vehicle” that is a “3rd internet living space.” Marketing hyperbole aside, the model closely echoes the concept as the only major styling changes are the addition of chrome trim, a third brake light and more conventional side mirrors. This means some of the concept’s more unique features – such as the rear quarter fins and illuminated Faraday Future emblem – will apparently carryover to production.

Speaking of the production model, deliveries are slated to begin in the first half of 2019 and Faraday Future says the FF 91 should be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in less than three seconds. Drivers can also expect to travel more than 300 miles (482 km) on a single charge.

Faraday Future says additional information will be released in September, but a VIN decoder document has suggested the crossover will be offered in an assortment of different configurations. The base model is slated to have two electric motors and a combined output of 716 hp (534 kW / 726 PS). Likewise, the range-topping variant could have three electric motors and an output of 1074 hp (801 kW / 1089 PS). Buyers will also be able to select between a handful of different battery packs which are expected to have capacities of approximately 86.7 kWh, 108.3 kWh and 130 kWh.


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